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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fantastic starter

This has to be one of the best novel openings I've read:

My panties were in a bunch.

Literally in a bunch. Piled a la mode on the overturned contents of
my suitcase on the red and gold, diamond-patterned carpet of my
hotel room.

This excerpt is from Spy Games, by Gina Robinson.

I subscribe to, which is a neat way to find out about new/different authors. Starting on Monday of each week (based on the genre you select), you'll get a 5-minute excerpt delivered to you Inbox. The selections start with the beginning of the book, so by Friday you've usually gotten a glimpse up to Chapter 2 or so.

But... wasn't that a great opening? It made me chuckle, played on a common phrase (and twisted it too!), and immediately piqued my interest: Who ransacked her room? How's she going to deal with this? I can empathize with her right away, too. It's not bad enough somebody made a mess of her stuff, but they got into her undies?

You can bet I'll be reading all of the excerpts for this book, and it went right into my To Be Read List, too.

Piper Denna

Romance is sexy!

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