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Thursday, November 11, 2010

CMA dishing

We watched the CMAs last night (I was procrastinating an editing job I should be doing, otherwise I'd probably fall over at the notion of dedicating 3 hours to TV) and I have to say I was totally entertained.

Not all of the music was "my thing", and I'm only familiar with a few songs, but the performances were really well-planned with props, lighting, etc. My favorites included "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland--my first time hearing that song, but again, it was a nicely packaged delivery, and it's kinda catchy. I also really enjoyed Taylor Swift's performance... the black and white winter scene to go with her "Back to December" was, in my opinion, quite elegant (and dang, but don't blondes look good in that bombshell-red lipstick?). Side note: my daughter is one of the million+ purchasers of her new album this past week, and the music sounds really good--plus it comes with a nifty booklet inside, including lyrics and a picture of Taylor in costume for each song. Pretty cool, and a nice incentive to buy the CD instead of download it. Makes me wonder if in the future, print books might come with little extras like that...

It was also cool to see Loretta Lynn onstage, and I thought both Miranda Lambert and Cheryl Crowe did a fantastic job singing "Coal Miner's Daughter". I really, really, like Cheryl Crowe. She's attractive and talented, and classy. Just sayin'.

What I thought was weird: Kid Rock and his performance. Uhm. That's not the tone I like to hear in his voice (kinda like a bad imitation of Rascal Flats, IMO). Made me think of American Idol, and I felt kinda Randyish, like "Dude, that was way pitchy for me. Not the right song." But hey, it's an opinion only. Also weird: the "Nashville early flood warning system" emcee shtick.

Otherwise, I thought it was great show. Nobody jumping onstage to make a douche of themselves by denouncing somebody's newly earned award and shouting somebody else should've won it. No totally ridiculous outfits (Reba's dress was lovely, and daughter and I swooned over Carrie Underwood's big ballroom gown she wore while performing. Made me feel all GoneWiththeWind). Miranda Lambert's most-of-the-night outfit was hot, though I did have concerns about her double-sided tape staying put. Happily, no wardrobe malfunctions. But then, I guess this is more of a grownup awards show, so the participants maintain decorum.

Last, but not my least favorite part of the night....My George (Strait). He's so handsome and... poised. And I love that he's still with his same pretty wife. Awesome.

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