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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Watcha Readin' Wednesday

This week's review is for a book by a friend of mine, Morgan O'Reilly. Halo In Her Pocket is available from Cobblestone Press. It's a novella, perfect length to take along on a short trip.

For any woman who’s had her heart broken, been jilted, or suffered a break-up that left her feeling less confident, this story is a dream come true.

Devyn is a heroine any woman can relate to, as she picks up the pieces after a recent self-image-destroying breakup. Shane is a man any woman can lust after. The “toys” he has at his house… well, maybe not everybody has dreamed of using them, but they are fascinating, right?

Morgan weaves a smokin’ hot, action-packed story set in an interesting locale (summer in Anchorage? Perfect for a looong evening of sex play!). Halo is a fast, fun read for any girl who likes to live vicariously through a very adventurous heroine.

It rates a Keeper. Put Morgan Q. O'Reilly on your To Be Read list.

On the Reader: Snowbound, by Janice Kay Johnson

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!

1 comment:

Morgan O'Reilly said...

Thank you for such a great review! All I can say it is was a lot of fun to write and I'm working on a little follow-on story. I think Ginger needs her moment, don't you?

Appreciate the kind words!