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Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools?

Did anybody else notice an unusual proliferation of April Fools jokes yesterday? I'm wondering if it's because the economy sucks and humor is free? It just seemed like lots of silly jokes and cutting up on TV last night.

Nickelodeon has been suggesting pranks for weeks during commercial breaks, so young Fuscius-etta had a long list of ways to torture her brother yesterday. He didn't seem particularly receptive.

Neither was Fuscius senior, when we photocopied her report card, whited out 2 of her straight A's and changed them to a D and an F... but hey, you can't blame us for trying!

I'm going back to my self editing hole now. Have fallen into nonstop revision mode. By the time I get done with this manuscript, it's not going to be much like the original. Here's hoping that's a good thing!

Got romance?

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