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Monday, April 27, 2009

Thing That Sucks More Than Mondays

This "thing" sucks when it blows.
It disturbs sleep, ruins picnics, sends everyone scurrying home from a day at the lake, closes amusement parks, sinks ships and can cause helicopter rescues to fail. It grounds flights and delays planes landing, knocks power lines out, kills trees, intensifies storms and is probably the reason Aqua Net was invented.

I'm talking about wind, m'friends, and I'm damn sick of it. Remember that Schwarzenegger movie, Total Recall, where he was at the colony on Mars? Whenever humans left the Dome, they were subject to hurricane-force gales. Yeah, that's what it's been like around here lately.

I'm on the look for the place on planet Earth with least wind. And planning to move there.

Autumn Piper
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