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Monday, April 13, 2009

Manic Monday?

I couldn't get my head around any "things that suck" to write about today. Sure, I could bitch about the weather and how sick I am of snow (and clouds in general) and definitely wind. Or I could whine about my crazy work schedule for the next two weeks. And God knows I'm not very happy about some changes and issues I'm having with a publisher right now.

But you know.... 'Fuscius and I both have (mostly) steady jobs, we can feed and clothe our kids, we got another load of firewood to keep our house warm, and I've still got a little Cadbury creme egg in the corner of my mouth (yes, I'm writing this Sunday night instead of Monday morning!). We're much better off than lots of people. We've got great friends nearby, lots of family (enough that we avoid some of them whenever possible, LOL), we're healthy - health and dental insurance only a couple short weeks away, woohoo! - and I've got a brand new laptop battery so I can keep on churnin' out books. Heck, yeah. It could be much worse.

So no bitching and whining this Monday.

Romance is sexy!

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