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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tube Tuesday

A cowgirl's fairy tale...

The clip this week is another goose-bumpy tearjerker for me. From - what else? - another of my favorite movies EVER. Pure Country is a perfect romance. He's a famous country music star who leaves his tour to find himself and falls for a country girl determined to make her own way in the world (who has absolutely no idea who he really is!). Along the way, we meet her hilarious, lovable brothers, his stoic fruit-of-the-earth grandma, her wise old granddad, his faithful friends... all believable and likeable characters. The movie climaxes with this scene. I can't help but get emotional when her grandpa and little brother tear up.

And oh my God. Just to imagine the fantasticness of having a cowboy like him all your own... dear George Strait is so darn clean and pure and cute! Another of my alltime biggest heart-throbs.


Got romance?

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