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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Watcha Readin' Wednesday - all 3B's

This week I'm happy to review Welcome to Temptation, by Jennifer Crusie.

Welcome to Temptation is a fun, fast read. It starts off with a bang (sisters Sophie and Amy are cruising into small town Temptation, Ohio to make a short film when they have a fender-bender with a local socialite couple), provides plenty of belly-laughs when we get to watch local city council meetings (our Hero, Phin, is a fourth-generation mayor and expected to keep winning elections to preserve the family name but sees the silliness in trivial town politics) and with all the flirting around the movie set, we get plenty of badda-bing (including more than one scorcher between Sophie and Phin). Mysteries abound: Who offed the starlet’s scummy despised-by-all ex husband? Who’s threatening Sophie and trying to kill her? Who attempted to frame her for the murder? Is Phin’s mother a really nasty piece of work who’ll end up Bad Guy #1, or is she just an overprotective mom with her own plans for his love life?

The characters totally pulled me in and the story kept me entertained. This was one of those books that really interrupted my life. I had a hard time putting it down to do anything (including sending Jennifer Crusie an email to tell her how awesome it is, which totally delayed my race to the finish, but I think is important. Surely even a successful author still loves to hear when readers enjoy her work!).

This book is a borderline Keeper - (I’ll probably send it along to very trusted friends who I know will return it, but I’ll make sure to get it back. Or else.) / Get Your Own Copy! - A book you love so much, no way are you loaning it out. Worthy of high praise and frequent recommendations – but trust us, if you let someone borrow this one, they’ll “forget” to return it. Don’t miss the next title by this author.

Piper Denna

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