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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Tubey Tuesy Patty Day!

Ahh. St. Patrick's Day. My first St. Patty's as a dedicated blogger.

In honor, and in keeping with the much-strived-for tradition of Tube Tuesday, here ya go:

How we should all treat St. Pat's:

Something we should all strive to make.... uh, next year:

Watching this chick and listening to the music makes me want to read a Nora Roberts trilogy (yes Amanda, I promise to start with Book 1 from now on...), or at the very least have a Freaky Friday experience and get to be her for a day (seriously - check out the guys who lead her off the stage).

Have a safe and happy one!
And remember not to walk too close behind someone who's been into the corned beef and cabbage....

Romance is sexy!

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