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Monday, March 2, 2009

Things That Suck More Than Mondays

Most sucky thing that's happened around here in days?

The cat.
My laptop cord.

Tried to find some kind of pet deterrent spray stuff but nobody in town has any.
Anybody know of some type of smelly stuff cats hate, that we can rub all over our cords?

Happy Monday to all those using non-electrical-taped power cords on their computers.

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!


Jasmine Black said...

Sorry, I don't know what to tell you about the cat.

But something that sucks more than Monday... Having to work on Monday and your muse is in Hawaii, laughing her cute little ass off. (Of course she looks great, too!)

Felicity said...

orange peel? try rubbing that on the cords since cats usually hate the smell. Jiggy was a cord chewer. She grew out of it after she was about a year old. Wrecked the cord on a tablet as well as video camera before doing so though, LOL.