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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Watcha Readin' Wednesday

I have been reading and I do have 2 book reviews to write.
Unfortunately, I've also been at work very much, which has entailed reading most of the Colorado Standardized Assessment Program tests to various kids. In case anybody's wondering, the point is to "level the playing field" for kids who read below grade level, so when they're tested in Math and Science, they don't fail because they couldn't read the question properly. This way they are only tested on what they know in Math and Science.

Oh - and I'm also "reading" Lone Star Trouble, albeit at a very slow rate, because I'm doing one final self-revision before foisting it on my editor. Let's just say since the last time I revised, my writing has "come a long way, baby".

Next week, Wednesday reviews will resume as usual.

Happy Spring solstice week!

On the Sony Reader: Once A Cowboy (so far a very good story) - a read I downloaded when Harlequin celebrated 60 years a while back with free ebooks.

Got romance?

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Jasmine Black said...

This week I'm reading a different kind of book for me. It's called Stolen Innocence. It's a true story by Elissa Wall the woman who testified against Warren Jeffs the polygamous leader. I'm almost done with it and it's very interesting to read. The changes in Warren Jeffs is kind of like Hitler. Scary stuff to think about how one person can control the minds of so many people.

I too have two books to read and review for Dark Diva Reviews. But I'm sure I'll not get both done this month.