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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things That Work

Yesterday I decided our lawn needed mowed (1st time it's been there this year, and only patches of it were long, but what the heck. All the neighbors were doing it LOL).

Well. It was just me at home, and it's a gas mower. (anybody who has dealt with a small gas engine knows, it's a crapshoot whether it'll work after sitting all winter) We got this little baby 2nd hand--but unused. Some guy bought it on clearance from Lowe's and then sat on it for a couple of years before finally deciding he wasn't ever going to put in a lawn, so hubby got it for a steal--with the Lowe's tags still on it, and it had literally never even been started. We used it twice last fall after moving in this house. Now, keep in mind we had a very pricey new mower at our place in California, and that lawn was just under 1000 square feet (19 X 50). That mower made it through six workouts and then completely quit on us--went right back to Lowe's for a refund.

So I had my doubts whether this little bargain of ours would perform for me yesterday. Had myself all mentally prepared for a sore pulling-arm and aggravation.

It started on the first pull! Ran like a little lawn-eating goat, too. LOL It's still a workout--not a self-propelled number or anything, and we have a plethora of trees to get around. But wow. I was pretty impressed with our little deal.

Nice surprise.

Autumn Piper
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