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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Incongruous inspiration

So here's my #1 best inspiration spot ever. It's featured in the first 2 stories I wrote--plays very heavily in Waiting for Revenge.

I can't explain why walking around the Rose Hill Cemetery here in Rifle, Colorado gets my brain firing, but it does. It's not an entirely quiet place--roads all around, a huge busy church on one side, neighborhoods nearby, and usually other people are out enjoying the "paths" (used to be roads, but the lawn is really wreaking havoc on the ancient pavement) too. My focus isn't great there--my eyes are constantly darting to this headstone and that, reading the names to see if they are people I knew, or knew of. (often--yes.)

Maybe walking among the memorials of those who've been and gone gives me perspective. Or it could be I just love all the trees and grass--and while it's never tomb-quiet(pardon the pun), there's a certain solitude over that first hill... for a smallish town, we've really got a pretty big cemetery. In fact, it's big enough it offered a bit of scary suspense when my character Mandy in Waiting for Revenge goes walking there alone on Thanksgiving Day, and a strange man approaches
her. The setting is a bit less life-y and more death-y in November, when all the trees are bare. Great for creating mood in that story. It would be a rather ironic place to be murdered, no?

In my book Hits and Misters, this cemetery was one of only 2 places in town my character Dani--who's been relocated in Witness Protection--visits during a quick stop in Rifle. (although, she visited her own grave, which is a whole other story). And yes, walking there recently has inspired me to finally get that story "out there".

So who knows. Maybe I just like it there because I'm a nutter. :) The more people who are freaked out about it and stay away, the better for me.

Autumn Piper
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