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Thursday, May 19, 2011

So it's come to that?

This is one of those mornings when I really need some caffeine (never mind I completely quit the habit about 4 months ago... I dove off that wagon, much like Mel Gibson might dive out of a moving car, execute a sweet roll and land on his feet). I normally don't imbibe (in caffeine) until late morning or lunch time, but today is special.

I went for hot tea. And you know what? My cupboard is stocked with Lemon Zinger herbal tea (naturally caffeine free!), 2 brands of raspberry tea bags, and the major-mongo make yer family a gallon of iced tea-sized bags. Ugh. Really? Who's the dummy who is supposed to be stocking the pantry here, anyway?

So here I sit dunking a tea bag roughly half the size of my mug...

Laugh if you like. All I care about is the caffeine infusion.

Autumn Piper
Got individual tea bags?

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

LOL!! I always have tea in the house....I am not a coffee drinker!:)