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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nutty is a state of mind--for writers

Sometimes I find inspiration in... odd places. Not all writers do--some are just fine people-watching at their local coffee shop, or staring at magazine pictures of beautiful-folk. Considering I write contemporary romance and women's fiction--no zombies, ghosts, or vamps involved--one of my best sources for inspiration might seem rather strange.

But hey. Writers are by nature a little off their rockers, right? Instead of being satisfied with outside entertainment, we turn inward and create Our Own Little Worlds. And that's not enough--sometimes we're displeased with those imaginary worlds we created, or the characters. A writer in Inspiration Mode makes a mad scientist look pretty "with it". Anyway, that's how it is for me, when I'm cooking up a story.

Some people think it's a gift, while others consider us us eccentric, weird, cracked... whatever. I'm okay with any of those labels, so long as the damn story keeps coming!

Tomorrow I'll post photos of my best source of inspiration.

Autumn Piper
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