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Monday, May 30, 2011

Things That Work- Update

I found another fantastic use for
microfiber cloths, which I already sang praises about and awarded the Piper Patter Seal of Affection.

Well. I love my houseplants, and have several of the broad-leaf variety. Thing is, living in Western Colorado, pretty much everything ends up dusty sooner or later (usually sooner). And a big old dusty plant not only looks bad, but having leaves coated like that isn't so good for my poor green friends, either. So sometimes I stick those plants outdoors during a rainstorm to rinse them off. Unfortunately, our rainy days (and too many of our sunny ones) are usually windy, which is rough on indoor plants. I've bought plant-leaf shine/cleaner, and I've used milk to clean them, after reading the tip online (works pretty well, but it's kinda tedious and a bit yucky dipping an old cloth in dirty milk and wiping down all those leaves). But no more.

Those lovely microfiber cloths designed for house cleaning and polishing work wonderfully (and fast!) to remove the dust from my plants. Nothin' but nice, shiny leaves now, sistah!

The plant pictured is a little hard to see, with the bright light behind, but the leaves are shining! (and that's cat-snack grass growing in the bottom, in case you're wondering)

Happy Monday.

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