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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mid-Year Resolutions

Since I work for the school district, I get the fabulous benefit of being "off" in the summer (without pay, of course, LOL), which is a big part of why I keep on keeping on as a Teacher Stunt Double.

So each May, I spend quality time ruminating (not meditating, because life is too hectic to sit down and get very deep, this close to the end of school, plus if you're not fast on your feet, some kid is bound to take advantage) on my plans for the summer. It's sort of like New Year's Resolutions, only for me, these are a bit more realistic, and certainly more do-able. With summer comes certain obligations, like yard work, and ferrying kids to baseball, jobs, and swimming lessons. Still, we've got freedom.... to stay up late watching the Tonight Show (instead of hitting the hay by 10 and leaving hubby by himself out by the TV), to sleep in--or rise early in the quiet and write while the other humans sleep unbothered by voices of characters in their heads. To sneak a nap or spend an afternoon at the pool ignoring screaming kids, to get outside and walk anytime between 5 a.m. and 9 p.m.--with the sun up! Summer is truly the best of times for me. And what better way to spend free time than to jam it up with self-imposed chore lists and goals, right? LOL

Some things I'd like to accomplish this summer, in no particular order:
  • Get those aluminum cans to the recycle center (laugh if you want--hey, I'm starting out small, or so you may think, having not seen how many bags of cans I have to take in...)
  • Camp. For fun. No wood cutting, no camping near a town where hubby has to work all day. Just go camp.
  • "Me" time--probably spent walking--on a daily basis.
  • Finish writing the novel I've been working on, and rewrite an old one so it's ready to submit for publication.
  • Edit, edit, edit
  • The "big" vacation with hubby this July, for our 20th anniversary
  • Eat healthier
  • Attend at least one Rockies game
  • Put those microfiber cleaning cloths to use more often and in more places (makes cleaning sound like something new)
  • Make the consult appointment for LASIK
More things will probably come to mind, but that's enough for now.

Autumn Piper
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1 comment:

Sutton Fox said...

Your anticipation is catching. It's made summer something to look forward to. Very fab!

But seriously, I'm only camping at places with room service...:)