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Monday, May 9, 2011

Remember that one time...?

I had a really nice Mother's Day yesterday... although probably not in the "nice" sense most moms would like. In a nutshell, I got one heck of a lot of yardwork done--with the help of my lovely kids, and then hubby helped neatly bundle everything at the curb for the Spring Clean-up truck to grab this week. So yeah... 7 hours of yard work in the sun and wind isn't exactly what most women would consider pampering. Still, my daughter brought out a whole stack of presents she'd bought and made, and a poster to kick off the festivities, and she cooked me bacon (in the microwave pan), then helped me make waffles. I scored jewelry, a cool flower keychain, and framed photos. My son got me a DVD (Meet the Parents). Hubby provided the perfume I've been crazy to have (Forever, from Victoria's Secret). Gift-wise, I got a ton of loot.

My most memorable Mother's Day moment, however... not from this year. When my daughter was in Kindergarten, (and hubby was away working) she surprised me with breakfast in bed. A la salad with ranch dressing. Will never forget that breakfast. Ever.

So I started thinking about Mother's Days... I don't honestly remember much about any when I was growing up. Once we got married, we used to do something special--usually for MIL, even the first several years after our kids arrived and I was a mom too. Seemed like she always wanted to go fishing (though I suspect this was a ploy to get the guys onboard with her plan, LOL).

What are your Mother's Day memories? Anything stand out as great--or unforgettably bad?

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