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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Something new

I've always wanted an orchid, and this week I bought one for myself. I know, they have a reputation for being hard to grow. Which is part of what's kept me away from them for so long.

But I wanted to try it. And the company who sells this particular orchid, the Just Add Ice Orchid Co., tries to make caring for them as easy as possible. They even have a desktop app to remind you to water. And putting 3 ice cubes in the pot each week seems like Plants for Dummies. Although on poking around the site, I did learn orchids are extremely sensitive to change in light or temperature (which could explain why so many begin to die immediately upon arriving in their new homes). And the roots should never be standing in water (mine was standing in quite a lot). And they normally only bloom once a year, so most people would probably get bored with it and toss it.

So we'll see. It's something new--and it's (almost) spring, and so anxious to grow things.

Have a great day. (I get to spend mine with my sweet baby niece!)

Autumn Piper
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