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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not on my bucket list

Front page of the newspaper Sunday featured an article about a lovely, unsuspecting American couple who yachted over to Somalia, and whaddaya know--pirates got 'em. Which made me think, "Wow. If I had a yacht, I'd simply not go to Somalia."

And here are a few other things I'm perfectly fine with never doing:
  • Touching/holding snakes or petting crocodiles
  • Climbing Everest. Sure, it's probably beautiful up there, but look how many people die on the way. And any sport that involves wearing ice picks for shoes holds no appeal to me. I'm happy with climbing 16th street here in town, and occasionally getting out of the car at the top of Vail Pass.
  • Getting a tattoo--I avoid needles at all costs. Incidental inkblot art (aka Sharpie accidents) on my hands are more than enough body art for me.
  • Eating any type of bug, spider, squid, or octopus. My personal menu came with only 1 slot for Things With More Than 4 Legs--and crab got that spot.
  • Going to the North Pole (again with ice pick shoes) or Antarctica (ice pick shoes + penguin poo = yuck)
  • Trying snake (had a chance once with an aggressive rattler the guides killed and fed the kids on one of my son's field trip. Passed.) or worms, or the worm in a tequila bottle--no slots on my menu for Things With No Legs or Fins
  • Sushi (if it had a head, it must be cooked for me to eat it) or clams/oysters on the half shell (same principle)
  • Plastic surgery (more of the needle issue)
  • Sub in kindergarten again (please let's not talk about it)
So how bout you? Any non-bucket items?

Autumn Piper
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Stephanie said...

LOL!! I do agree with most of those!!! Though I might get a tattoo someday. Check my blog tomorrow...whole post about plastic surgery!