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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Does this happen at your house too?

I was going to take a photo and post it, but then I got embarrassed, so... picture a dining room table with a pretty potted plant on top (but shoved to one side), along with 2 laptops and their peripheral mouses (is mice the plural for those devices?), mouse pads (the table is just glossy enough that the mouses/mice don't work spectacularly on its bare surface), a stack of coupon booklets from the Sunday paper, 2 legal pads, 3 gel pens in assorted colors, a salt shaker (no idea why), some junk out of hubby's lunch box (including electrical tape and travel-size bottle of ibuprofen), assorted business cards, hubby's big binder o' invoices & receipts for his business, one of my bookmarks...

Getting a picture? Don't worry if you didn't know what color my table is--it barely shows through anyhow!

Don't get me wrong--it's a quick cleanup. We do have places where all that stuff belongs, and if company comes, we always clear the table. :)

However, with all this assorted crap piled on (and yes, most of it is important), I probably don't have to admit we hardly eat at the table. I eat breakfast and lunch at it, but for dinner we pretty much load up our plates from the stove/counter, and end up eating in the living room, using TV trays, the coffee table, or our laps, in front of the TV. Now, I know, all the family therapists and pediatricians wouldn't like that. At all. And yet... we do still all eat together. Does that give me, like half-credit?

*sigh* In another life, I'll try to get our collective shit collected together someplace else besides our dining table.

Until then...

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!(messes are not)


Stephanie said...

Yeah...that sounds like my table. We do eat at the table though, most nights, so that means there is a mad dash to shove the stuff elsewhere.

Sutton Fox said...

Half credit for sure. When the kids were home, we used to eat at the table every night. Looking back, I can't say it made a difference.