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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Too Done 2009

Before I get ahead of myself and start dreaming what I'd like to accomplish next year, I thought I'd pause to reflect on my Too Done List big items for this year:
  • 18 years after the dentist told me to do it, and after 15 years of ouch, I finally got rid of those painmaker wisdom teeth and another molar they'd crushed beyond repair. Feels great!
  • Published my first book, Waiting for Revenge, along with Lone Star Trouble. (I'd call that a twofer)
  • Made peace (and jokes) with many middle-schoolers during my longterm subbing assignment -- and somehow the house did not crumble or fall into bio-hazarddom in the interim
  • Wiped out that bastard spider and all his little friends too, with my many cans of Raid. Teach him to bite me with his nasty dirty mouth and infect my arm! Our home may not be chemical free, but it will remain arachnid-free, I vow it.
  • Managed to ferry two kids around to their baseball practice and games all summer
  • Conquered the Old Lady Acne (hey, it was big for me) and held ground in the ever-escalating battle against GuyBrows
  • Mastered my Sony Reader
  • Joined a bookclub
  • Started (writing) one novel and have almost finished another (give me the weekend and it'll be done)
  • Edited 9 books released this year
  • Accumulated about 100 more Facebook friends -- who are all really my friends, because I ditched the dead weights
  • Laundered and folded approximately 575,000 loads of wash
  • Indentured my kids into dishwashing slavery (feels almost as good as losing the painmakers)
  • Cleaned the toilets. Once. (Kidding! Just wanted to see if you were paying attention)

A happy and productive 2010 to you!

Autumn Piper

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