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Friday, January 1, 2010


A Happy New Year to you! I won't bore you with my list of resolutions. Today I'd rather dish about last night's Rockin New Years program.

But first, let me just say it's so awesome waking up to a tidy house -- we did the ole Emergency Clean last night after inviting friends over for a rather impromptu snack/TV fest. I love Emergency Cleaning! So much done, in so little time... and I'm much more apt to throw away stuff instead of finding a place to stow it. :)

Now, back to cute little Ryan Seacrest. Man. He's so darn smooth and at ease...
Dick Clark looks much better than he sounds, but seriously, I'm impressed as hell that he's still making it to the New Years bash. The guy is 80, and has been hosting the New Years bash since 1972!!
And he still looked better than Jennifer Lopez last night. Whoa. Doesn't she have somebody on her staff to help her choose costumes? Wasn't so bad while the fur coat was buttoned, but... The floofy fringy thing looked like the wrong side of an ostrich. What the heck was that? And when she shed it, oh my. The unitard beneath was simply a "tard" choice. Probably 1% of the celebrity population can carry off a bodysuit, and she's not there anymore. It didn't even fit right. Yeesh.
Keri Hilson? She's got a pretty decent bod, but the weird boy-brief cut of her leather bottoms didn't do a thing for her hips or thighs. A bikini cut would've looked good, and maybe that costume wasn't available in bikini cut, but for God's sake, was there a shortage of stuff to wear this year? Did she not look in a mirror with it on?
Fashion Do's for the night included Fergie, who looked hot in everything she wore, and little Selena Gomez, who was dressed just right. And of course Ryan and Dick, impeccable in their host suits.

One huge gripe my daughter and I both had? No footage of the ball dropping. At all. The whole countdown and ensuing seconds after were dedicated to all the smooches going on. I'm all for smooches, but, come on. The ball is like, the climax. What gives?

Anyway, have a happy holiday weekend, and do be safe.

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!


Stephanie said...

LOL! Sounds like you had a fab night! It boggles my mind what celebs can get away with wearing...what would you think if you actually saw a normal person walking down the street in some of those get-ups??? WEIRDO ALERT! LOL!

My NYE attire this year...purple and white striped pajama pants and a purple ribbed tank! Friends of ours hosted an adult PJ party.

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