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Monday, December 14, 2009

Far Suckier Than Monday

Today's big gripe most likely falls partly under the "My own damn fault" category, but...

We got our Christmas tree this weekend and hauled in all the totes full of ornaments and lights, household decorations, holiday wrap, etc. and had a very nasty (and sad) surprise. My favorite snowglobe apparently froze last winter and the pressure pushed open the plug at the bottom, spewing all the lovely fluid out into a tote full of all kinds of treasures. The chemically spill wasn't bad enough though -- since it was in an airtight container, everything mildewed. My collection of stuffed snowmen, all the little battery powered dancing snowmen, penguins, etc, the big dancing Santa, and worst of all: Our stockings, which I sewed by hand before I even had a sewing machine, the year my daughter was born. :( Big black mildew spots accompanied by some lovely rust marks.

This really does suck.

Piper Denna
Mildew is not sexy.


Jordana Ryan said...

Awww P :( That is so not cool! I'm so sorry to hear that! There are some things that are so precious it literally hurts your heart to lose them, and I'm sorry to hear that you lost these things!

Stephanie said...

Oh no!!!!!!! How sad!!!!!!! Well....maybe you and your kids can make some new ones...make some new memories too????