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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Best in Class

This one earns a double nomination -- for Best Boss, and for Best Gift:

Our friend Sandor moved here as an adult from Hungary, and has gone home to visit a few times, but none of his family has been to the U.S. and he didn't expect they ever would, unless he flew there and accompanied them on their trip (not so many signs in Hungarian to aid the nonEnglish speakers throughout our airports). Factor in the financial aspect for his widowed mother and teen brother, and he pretty much planned on doing the visiting -- a real bummer because he'd no doubt love to show off his beautiful baby girl.

Enter one generous boss, who bought tickets for Mom and little Brother to visit this Christmas, one Wonderful Wife who managed to keep it secret for 3 months, right up through the trip to the airport with his boss to pick up "some friend of the boss's daughter". Yah, it was a pretty big surprise, and a pretty good one. His last text our way was a heartwarming, "Best ever Xmas!"

Kinda makes me wanta go hug his boss.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Autumn Piper
Got holiday spirit?


Amanda said...

I'm all verklempt!!

Sutton Fox said...

Totally awesome!

Stephanie said...

Wow...that is really something!