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Friday, December 18, 2009

...And to all, wi-fi.

I had to share this article -- it's great news.

Of course, highlight for me is probably the dig to high-end hotels still charging for wi-fi, but... really?

Wi-fi has come to be an amenity people expect, and the reasoning seems to be, if the establishment has it, then why charge the public for it? Which is pretty much where I am.

And who knows how many people in this economy might decide to hang out with their laptop in a McDonald's sipping coffee instead of a Starbucks while working on whatever. Maybe somebody will sit at a McDucks and write the next amazing tween/YA series!!!

Happy Friday, everybody. I'm looking at the next two weeks "off", at least from the Teacher Stunt Double gig.

Autumn Piper
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Anonymous said...

I have to say P I dig the fact that I can get wifi essentially anywhere. I love being able to go to Mcd and write, starbucks and write, or even down to my local grocery store lol who also has wifi and I can sit and write while I people watch. I know I'm a bit strange but it's good for the muse :)


Stephanie said...

The one place that irks me that charges for WiFi is Disney World. There is no place on property to use internet for free. And it's pricey...$10 for a 24 hour period.