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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Watcha Readin Wednesday

I'm hot in the middle of (or rather, the last quarter of - Shit Hits Fan Moment is coming soon, I just know it!) Lisa Kleypas' newest: Smooth Talking Stranger. In fact, to be perfectly honest, I almost went back to bed to finish reading it this morning after making CornFucscius' lunch and only by the skin of my teeth remembered to blog first.


One thing I did read this week, which in my mind makes my Sony Reader worth its weight in gold - or at least worth the price of the newest iPhone: I've been reviewing my current WIP (non writers, that's a Work In Progress), hoping to refresh the muse and generally remember what the heck has happened in the story. But as with most writers, I find myself stopping to edit - like, constantly. Sooo. On the way out the door to baseball practice the other day, I wised up. (did NOT involve killing any mafia members) I saved the manuscript file as a PDF and loaded it on my Reader and PRESTO, I could read the story without stopping to do any fixing. Awesome. And hey, guess what?

I kinda like the story.

Okay, off to finish Stranger... it's so great. Kinda wishing I'd bought it instead of borrowing from the library. When I'm done, I'll write a review and with any luck, I'll get the date right so it posts next Wednesday instead of, like, an extra post for tomorrow! ahh, those User Errors.

Happy reading!

Autumn Piper
Got romance?

On the Reader: Kathleen Woodiwiss Forever In Your Embrace
On the nightstand: (for after I finish Stranger - 2 Lori Fosters I also nabbed on the NEW rack at the librario)

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