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Monday, June 29, 2009

Something wrong with this term?

I have a problem with a certain word being thrown about, places such as restroom doors and garment tags on hats and sweatshirts. The word is "unisex".

Let's take a moment to dissect it. "Uni" means one. Herein lies the problem. A restroom with a sign labeling it "unisex" is intended for members of both sexes. So where the heck did this dumb term come from? We all know the term unibrow, and it certainly doesn't mean a number of different brows - it means a dude's got one, big, grown-together brow. Consider also, uniboob...

Of course, labeling anything "bisexual" would probably cause problems (just look what it did to poor George Michael!) I do have a solution, however. "Omni" means all, so they could be "omnisex" restrooms, hats, sweatshirts. Now I've just got to figure where to go with this. Grassroots movement? Get folks writing to their congressmen? Dateline NBC?

Off to battle the wind generator with my electric toothbrush...

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!

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