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Friday, March 12, 2010

A new comic!

I'm rather excited about a new comic (not a strip, because it's a single-frame type) my local paper is carrying.

It's called F Minus. Sort of a new version of Far Side, one of my alltime faves.

And predictably, the creator is a funny guy. He writes a newspaper column. This one made me giggle in a few spots -- and thank God that he's not my husband.

The sample my paper offered in its announcement featured a man marooned on a dinky island, and heading straight for him was a tiger in a canoe. His thought bubble said simply, "Figures". Made me snicker. My daughter had a different (less positive) reaction. She found it stupid and wanted to know what a tiger was doing in a canoe.

You just can't force this type of humor. I bet she'd hate Far Side too.

Piper Denna

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Anonymous said...

You just gotta love a good comic :)

Anonymous said...

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