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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Days of Our Un-lives?

I was home from work the other day and had one of the TV music stations playing (not a hairband channel day, but I was rocking hard with some adult contemp goodies, LOL) while I did some editing stuff.

At 2:23, the DVR changed channels (yes, it's true, our DVR finds it imperative to begin recording on NBC 8 hours and 12 minutes prior to start time of the Tonight Show, thanks DirecTV for sucking big rotten eggs). Lo and behold, Days of Our Lives was playing.

Well, many moons ago I was a devoted Days fan. And by Devoted, I mean I scoured the market for the longest-playtime blank VCR tapes because it was absolutely recorded every single day for playback later that night or ASAP. Anyway. It's been probably 15 years since I've watched it, but I couldn't resist peeking for a few minutes.

And you know what? Same old characters, same old actors (good things). Same stuff happening - Vivien is poisoning some unsuspecting daughter of Carly Manning - AGAIN. She's apparently hooked up with Victor Kuriakis - AGAIN. Bo and Carly dining at the same restaurant, seemingly in love -AGAIN. (a bit tired, but OK things)

But dear lord. The Botox those people must go through!!! (baaad things. Might need some rehab for actors on this show who can't stop getting "work" done) Victor looks younger now than he did 25 years ago when I first watched (at first glance, that is). Vivien and Bo too. Holy hell. They must have an on-set Botox trailer for those people to use between takes! (Days of Our Botox Injections? Days of Our Facelifts?) On second glance, nothing moves when the actors talk. (to be fair, Carly's actress still looks like she's got real skin) I started wondering whether there wasn't some ventriloquism going on, but heck no. Not even a line where the mouth and chin would move separately from the rest of the face. Yikes. Just a bunch of big, shiny, smooth plastic faces happening. Made me kinda miss the days of old Alice Horton, who aged on the show along with her character.

Excuse me now while I go look at the "11" between my eyes and remind myself that it's better than plastic...

Autumn Piper

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