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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kids have the best one-liners

I subbed in preschool yesterday (and am doing so today also). It's always an adventure there. I like to think they don't devour me like Schwarzennegger on Kindergarten Cop, but 6 or 8 kids from 3-5 will wipe me out every bit as much as 25 sixth graders any day! Cuteness aside, I think the little ones are every bit as wicked as the other ones, they just have a more limited vocabulary.

And say some really funny stuff.

For instance: Yesterday I read aloud a book introducing dinosaurs, because they're learning about them this month. So. I get to the types of dinosaurs, and there's triceratops. Time for a little question. I ask, "Can you think of an animal living today that looks like triceratops?" (for you out-of-the-loop grownups, he's the one with three horns)
I wait for someone to answer "rhino". A little boy does.
Meanwhile, a completely brilliant little girl (and I've no doubt she is, because her big brother is going to state in the 8th grade math competition -- he didn't even have to scrape out figures on paper during his oral round; he computed in his head, which blew everyone away... GO JOSEPH!!!) sorry, off track there. Anyway. This brilliant child nods thoughtfully and says, "I'll Google it."
She'll Google it.

I love it.

Happy Tuesday.

Autumn Piper

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