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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What we're up against

So I was on my flight home Monday, sandwiched between an elderly couple (a victim of SouthWest's new open-seating policy -- make sure to do earlybird internet check-in so you can get on the early boarding group and get good seats! And even after getting dissed on seating for this return flight, I'm still all for SW because they don't charge for luggage like all those shyster airlines do), and had my *whoosh* handy-dandy Sony Reader out, doing galley reviews and using the oh-so-spiffy bookmark feature to dogear virtual pages where things need fixed.

The old guy started asking me questions about the Reader. He loved it. Plans to buy one for his daughter for Christmas because whenever she visits from Phoenix, she brings a ton of books. And it's available at Target? How convenient! He has a Target nearby in San Francisco.

When his wife took a breather from reading and glared back at the screaming baby behind us, he says, "Hey Ma, look at this. This is a book!"

She poked at her Target discount paperback and said, "This is a book." Like so the hell what?

Eh. Can't win 'em all, right? When you think about it, though, naturally the dudes would be attracted to electronics. Maybe some store should run a sale - buy the new Crichton/Grisham/King ebook for $250 and get the Reader free! Guys don't seem to look at prices anyhow, so they'd be totally stoked about getting such a neato gadget.

Autumn Piper
Got romance? (Got reader?)

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Stephanie said...

You're right...can't win 'em all! LOL! That is funny though!!!

Flew SW a couple weeks ago...made sure I checked in online exactly 24 hours before my A boarding group!! Forgot about my returning flight though...checked in 25 minutes late...still got A Boarding!! We flew with our kids though, so sitting all together was a must! Loved the no fees for bags! And we only paid $59 each way!!