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Friday, October 2, 2009

Fun Fact for Friday

My groggy early morning forays into wakefulness seem to be churning up a plethora of seldom-useful, if often well-known facts (such as it's easier if you wait to cut the bread until after you've built the sandwich). I have yet to run coffee all over the counter this school year, but the day is probably a-comin'.

Well, this morning my half-awake unalertness resulted in an interesting quality test. Jim's off work so I didn't have to make a lunch for him (or run the highly risky coffee maker), which meant I had more time. Maybe it'd be a good day to remove some girth on my legs by shaving...

I unintentionally slathered Jim's shave gel (rather than my pink lady kind, which is a splurge from my normal use of hair conditioner) on my leg in preparation to shave. So I went with it, and then used the lady stuff on my other leg... which made me think of a commercial, but did help me wake up. And the result? The Gillette Fusion man-gel is thick and rich (and smells way more marvelous). It really clings to the skin, which I think might be part of why that leg feels so much nicer and not as itchy. It could also be why I missed more spots on the Envi leg - the stuff wanted to slide right off and it's harder to keep track of what's been shaved and what hasn't! So, nothing scientific, but I did use the same razor on each leg (you know, the constant), and the Fusion skin feels nice, not irritated like the other. Using man-gel might just encourage me to shave more often...

Autumn Piper
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