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Friday, October 23, 2009

Just for Halloween - Coffin Crocs

We thought we were being clever when we installed the kitty door and moved le box d' litter out to the garage/storage area.

Except. One of our brilliant kitties keeps catching mice and hauling them inside through said kitty door, to play with and occasionally lose in our house.


One morning this week, I'd just come out of the shower in my robe to find both cats actively pursuing a lil gray rodent in the kitchen and living room area. From experience, I've learned to kinda stay out of the way and wait for them to do their thing with the mouse and then swoop in and remove at the earliest possible wiggle-less moment.

Senor Gato lost le mouse in all the shoes parked under the bench by the front door. But he knew where it was and waited patiently, and I wasn't all that wild about moving shoes and having the critter run up my leg or something. So I let him wait. It finally became obvious the mouse was in or under one of my cute pink crocs (image above for those not in the Croc-know).
Still, I waited.
Until my daughter started screaming, and I went to check it out, and there was little mousy-poo with his head, neck, and some shoulders, trying to fit out through one of the holes near the toe of the shoe. I mean, the shoes are made of stretchy stuff, but really?
Kinda wish I'd gotten a photo.
Epilogue: I put the shoe outdoors and let the lil bugger go, hoping he doesn't ever return to the garage.
Happy Friday.
Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!

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Stephanie said...

OMG! Those holes are pretty small!!!!!