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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kinda Disappointing

I was killing time at Walmart the other day and (naturally) went to the book department. What I found in the Young Readers section was a real bummer. 90% of what they stock is geared toward girls and nearly every one of those titles is a vampire story.


Is that ALL they think kids want to read? What if, say, a girl didn't want to read about vamps? Or her mom wouldn't let her?

And of the boy-books, half of those were Harry Potter (granted, fabuloso, grade A reading, but so many boys have already done them). Not much to entice the young guys into cracking open a book these days. I think we need J.K. Rowling to step back into the YA arena and give them something new and thrilling...

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!


Stephanie said...

I hear ya. I am just not into the vampire thing one bit...never have, never will.

Bethanne said...

I totally agree with you... I have three sons... Rick Riordan is good, but it's true that boy books are very hard to find!

Makes me think I should write something for boys. :)

Jasmine Black said...

The Walmart YA selection is bad. I mean they don't have one Warriors book on the shelf. (The very small section of the shelf). I can't say enough how much my son enjoys these books. And not one vampire in the stories-good thing. But lots of action and battles and drama. Okay, I love them too.

It's time Walmart stepped up their book section.