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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Candy Corn and Spiders

Welcome to October (don't ask who died and made me hostess...)! This month always makes me think of blowing leaves, caramel apples (just the caramels are fine too) and candy corn, which I find rather disgustingly sweet now that I'm grown, but are cute and cheap to buy and have around for my kids. So I'm not one of those moms who avoid sweets... sue me. :)

Almost everyone who reads my blog knows by now I've had a yucky spiderbite experience this week. A couple of my more clever friends have made Spiderman innuendos (Amanda and Kate, you silly-heads), which got me thinking... well of course Spidey got super powers after being bit by a tiny 8-legged monster! It was a comic/movie -- how boring would it have been if instead he ended up with injectable antibiotics!!! (not fun, really). Soooo. About these superpowers. I don't suppose the swinging-from-tall buildings power would do me much good, since Rifle is a bit deficient in the skyscraper department (although to be honest the short people in classrooms some days do make me wanta climb the walls!). Hyper-hearing? Uh, no thanks. Again, kidlets often make me yearn for temporary hearing loss... think how peaceful it would be, how easy to tune out unwanted sounds... But I digress, as usual. Now, super-vision might be okay. As one who suffers extreme near-sightedness, I could totally dig seeing extra-well. And what I'd really really like to have is Spidey's Foresight power - the way he's so aware, he can see things happen seconds ahead of time. God, that would be fun to employ in the classroom!

Before I start sewing my suit (pink and black would be good, no?), I'll wait a couple days for the powers to develop. And I've no plans to go cage-fighting with fat, sweaty men, by the way...

Happy Thursday!

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