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Thursday, October 8, 2009

New entry for writer's dictionary

Edi-dar: \ed-uh-dar\noun:
Ability to spot flaws, mechanical errors, and see room for improvement in any piece of writing. Commonly afflicts those who participate heavily in critique groups or edit. Sudden onset is the bane of an avid reader’s existence. A terminal condition – once symbiosis with reading skills has occurred, impossible to be rid of. Remains active whether reading for pleasure, ordering from a menu, scanning news articles or assembling a new purchase using the owner’s manual. Known to create writer’s block. Active edi-dar can induce rolled eyes, palm imprints on foreheads, and pulled-out hair. Not to be confused with edi-doh, a situation where an obvious error slips notice during edits.
See also inner editor.

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Stephanie said...

This is so me!! I can't help it! I was reading a book the other day (a published, very popular YA novel) and spotted 3 so irritated me!!!