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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Watcha Readin' Wednesday

Finally, a book review! This week I'm reviewing Snowbound, by Janice Kay Johnson. This was another freebie from eHarlequin's anniversary giveaway. *I READ IT ON MY SONY READER!*

An unexpected blizzard strands Fiona and a vanfull of her Hi-Q students on the way home from a weekend competition, leaving her no choice but to impose upon John, who owns a remote lodge. At first surly but dutifully hospitable, John turns out to be a sufferer of PTSD, from his tour in Iraq. Over the course of their stay, he and Fiona grow close. With a houseful of her pupils, it's impossible for them to get much time alone, much less act upon their atttaction.

This is not a hot, steamy read. It's a sweet romance, with full bodied characters and a true to life story. John has lots to overcome in order to build a serious relationship, and Fiona is smart enough to realize as much. It's a good story, played out over a long period of time, with the trademark happy ending, of course!

I'd rate it a Nice Bang for Your Entertainment Buck.

Happy reading!

Next up on the Reader: Forever In Your Embrace, by Kathleen Woodiwiss (chose it as my free book with my Fictionwise membership)

Piper Denna
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