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Friday, May 29, 2009

On books as babies...

I recently had a (laughing) discussion with someone else in "the biz" about certain authors who fight edits and like to claim their books are "just like their children" to them, which they try to use as justification for not altering them in any way.

To this, I have lots of semi-verbal, hard-to-spell responses. The kindest and least profane is something like, "Huhwha?"

"Like their children" tells me immediately these are non-parents. First thing any parent will tell you is... their kids change so fast, they can hardly keep up with them. They're always a work in progress! Most of us parental units will also tell you our offspring are far from perfect. As opposed to these so-called Book Parents, nearly all of us real parents have solicited and/or taken advice about our kids on at least on occasion. And how many of us really think our child can go off to the big bad world and be hugely successful without going to college and learning from experts in their intended field? A novel may be somebody's brain child, but it damn well better mature and go through some finishing school, or it's not fit to be viewed by society. And for sure, if it weighs seven or eight pounds, it's not very attractive to readers in general. :)

Last but not least: I am proud of the books I've written. You could say I love them. But hey, let's get real here. That feeling is nothing like a mother's love. My kiddos are, like, a thousand times cooler than my books. At least.

Home with the kids and currently loving it,

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