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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday, uhm... silly

One choir concert down, one graduation party down.
Today we've got one afterschool party at teacher's house to go, plus one community yard sale to prep for (no, I'm not at all interested in this one, but the kids want to get rid of some junk at Grandma's sale, so who am I to stop them?), a sleep-over, a carnival, and another graduation this weekend. The truck's going in the shop, I've got line edits and important forms due (probably overdue, but I did just get them back yesterday) on Waiting for Revenge, a looming copy edit deadline for a project I'm editing, I got orphaned and re-assigned to an awesome new editor, and I've adopted another author this week. Please don't ask if there's anything else - there probably is, and I honestly would rather pretend not.

Sooo. Without further ado, a joke my son provided yesterday:

What's an owl's favorite subject in school?

I know - sounds like a class at Hogwart's, huh?

Off to middle school P.E. today. Happy Friday to all!

Got romance?

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