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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Watcha Readin' Wednesday

This week's review is Baby, Oh Baby! by Robin Wells. (another Friends of the Library used book sale find) It's a Love Spell book, published February 2001. Here's the Amazon link for the blurb and cover pic:

Based on a very modern premise (a crooked doctor used sperm Jake and his now-dead wife had left at the fertility clinic, to impregnate Annie when she went in for artificial insemination), this book also uses the old "marriage of convenience" angle. Jake and Annie are as different as two people can be. Their conflict is huge - he believes he'll never love another woman like he loved his dead wife, and she has no intention of playing second best again, after she did so in her first marriage. Neither trusts the other and each fears the other will try to take baby Madeline away. Their attraction is undeniable, though. I loved being in each character's point-of-view. Wells does a great job of making us like and root for her characters, even those in the secondary romance plot. Jake's proposal just capped this story for me as the most original I've read. I got my awwwwsome ending.

This book is a Keeper. You won’t regret either time or money spent with this book. It has a permanent spot on your shelf. Recommend it freely and lend it carefully to that trustworthy “inner circle” of reader friends. Put the author on your To Be Read list.

On the nightstand: Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl
On Sony Reader: What the Lady Wants, by Jennifer Crusie

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