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Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday funny - weird but true

Cornfuscius took the day off, but his cat stepped into his boots for the day (right after he hid one of his little toy mice in the toe of the left one).

Last night, dear daughter came screaming and barging into the bathroom to tell me the kitty had ruined her knitting. Well, sure enough. But cats do that. I mean... we all have a mental image of a cat with a ball of yarn, right? No biggie. At least to me. For her, it was something akin to the satellite TV blipping out during a David Archuleta guest appearance.

Anyway. This morning she came screaming out into the living room, wailing that she'd stepped in "barf". So I went looking, armed with paper towels. I found two piles of undigested-but-clearly-regurgitated yarn. Long pieces. Like, the goofy cat must've sat and sucked it up spaghetti style.

What the....?
Is this an indication he's missing, er, fiber? ;<)

But I see perhaps he's not the only kitty with an appetite for synthetic blend. Check out the "grocery list" in this cartoon...

Happy Friday!

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!

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