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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hark! Yonder hastens... Spring?

So I was driving to town this afternoon and saw some things that really warmed my heart. First, there were geese at the unfrozen end of the reservoir. Not little ducks, but geese.

Then - and I actually stopped right on the dam to listen - water running over the spillway. Yes, it probably seems minor, but the lake has been filling and filling and I've been watching and watching... but there's been this giant block of ice right at the spillway. And don't ask me why I should care if the reservoir is full. Maybe it's because my great Grandpa was one of the farmers who built it and it's a sign of plenty water for the season or something. Maybe it just tells me things are melting up at the creek source, which is a sign of thawing and warm weather to come. Either way, I'm thrilled to see the ice breaking up and don't even feel sorry for the fishermen who can't park their shanties out there anymore.

One last marvelous sign of spring: people on the golf course. And it wasn't the convicts out getting the greens ready, either. (Don't get any wild ideas about me living in a "golf community". We rent a small house on a little ranch way past the golf course.) Mind you, the golfers had to wear rubber boots to slog around in the puddles and the greens are virtually covered in elk poo, but they were out there knocking balls around nonetheless. Did my heart good to see them.

Hope springs eternal.

Spring really will come again. It's not just a legend!


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Jasmine Black said...

And I can't wait for it!