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Thursday, October 9, 2008

"True" Love

Today I’m thinking about baby love. Not a childhood crush, and not that sudden urge many of us feel to have a baby. This is the deep, binding, instant love between a new parent and infant. The kind of love that feels about 10,000 times stronger than any romantic love.

My friend Amanda just became a new mommy (and I’d like to add, she’ll probably be the world’s best at it!). When I saw the first photos of her and her beautiful little girl, I recognized that true love. There’s nothing in the world to send your heart soaring like having a new baby. This isn’t “thank God above I lived through labor” happy, or “I can probably fit my feet into my shoes again” happy. It’s “Oh my God. I am in love like I’ve never been before” happy. The very best part? When your baby looks at you, you can see that she loves you right back. And she’ll keep on loving you, no matter what.

What an awesome feeling. I remember days when my son was tiny, some days all I did was feed him, change him, and snuggle. While he was awake, we’d stare into one another’s eyes. While he slept, I’d stare at him until I fell asleep, too. Just couldn’t get enough of his amazingness.

Seeing that look on my friend’s face, along with her words yesterday, “I’m so glad she’s mine”, gives me warm goosebumps. And a few happy tears.

The new daddy looks like he’s in love, too. Just like he should be.

Got romance?


MJQ said...

What a great post!!! It really touched me - that unconditional love - as an adoptee that never met my first mom, I have a big hole in my heart - but it is healing and reading your post helped me reinforce that yes, she did love me!!

Felicity said...

Congratulations to new Mommy Amanda! I am very happy for you all!