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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Book renewal - Failure or resolve?

My copy of Duma Key is due back at the library tomorrow and I’m not yet halfway through it! What is it about renewing a book that makes me feel like I’ve failed? I’m certainly enjoying the book, reading every chance I get. And of course there wouldn’t even BE the option to renew, if others didn’t need it. I could list my excuses, such as the book is so big and heavy, I don’t tote it around with me like I would something smaller, plus I’m writing again (at long last!) in my free time. Still, I can’t help feeling I haven’t quite done what I set out to do, the last three weeks…

Does anybody else feel guilty, inadequate, or otherwise less-than-literate if you don’t finish a book during the original loan time, or am I just nuts?

Got romance?

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Felicity said...

I tend to buy books to read them rather than go to the library, but, yeah, whenever I haven't finished what I set out to do in the way of reading material before the due date, I say, "DOH!"