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Monday, October 27, 2008

I Love Marilyn

And no, I don’t mean “Norma Jean.” I mean Marilyn vos Savant, the genius (I am NOT being facetious) who writes a weekly column for Parade Magazine. People write in with their toughest questions or puzzles and she answers them. Sometimes she has word games or trivia questions. I subscribe to the paper just for Parade, and she’s my favorite part. (Second place goes to all the snippets about celebs in the “PersonalityParade” section, but only because they often feature Hugh Laurie…)

Marilyn featured this word a couple of weeks ago. I just love it. It’s schemozzle, which means “a totally confused state of affairs”. Now that’s a fun word.

Whose household hasn’t been in a schemozzle the first day of school, or on Christmas Eve? How about the last hour of loading up for a road trip or the first week after a move? Or hey, maybe about half hour before dark on Halloween, when your kids are trying to costume up and those early bird trick-or-treaters keep showing up at the door, even though you’ve got the lights out (do you know how hard it is to paint “lips like wine” on Snow White in the dark?) because you forgot to buy candy, have handed out all the loot your kids scored at their school parties that day, plus the Easter bunny’s leftover stash from atop the fridge, and your hubby (who absolutely refuses to ignore the doorbell and play not-at-home) is now handing out cans of soda, VHS tapes, and packs of AA batteries. Yeah, that’s a schemozzle, all right. Good times, though. And it only happens once. After that, you learn to be one of those early bird families.

Got romance?

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