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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Michelle Flye

Today my guest is Michelle Flye, author of Winter Solstice, a contemporary romance featured in the Lyrical Press Christmas Bash, 30% off, along with 14 other novels, through Christmas day.

Here's my interview with Michelle:

1.)    What is your all-time best Christmas memory?

This is a tough question to answer. Every childhood Christmas was special to me because my parents worked so hard to make it that way. Most of my memories seem to center around the Christmas tree, though. I remember going with my parents to pick one at the local tree farms, throwing literal handfuls of tinsel “icycles” on in at a time, the spicy-sweet smell of pine, and lying on my back under the tree looking up through the branches at all the multicolored lights. Our trees were always magical. As an adult, I’m always watching my kids, wondering what their Christmas memories will be—what sensation are they going to remember most strongly?

2.)    As an adult, what is your favorite part of December?

Now this is an easy question. I love all the preparation for Christmas, but really, my single favorite day in December is the winter solstice. There’s nothing mystical about my love for the winter solstice, although I appreciate that it has a lot of meaning to many religions. Like my character Becky in my book Winter Solstice, though, I love that day because it’s the shortest day of the year. I feel like it has a promise to it, like because the days get longer after that, you can start to anticipate spring without guilt.

3.)    Favorite Christmas movie, and why?

Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. I’m an old-fashioned romantic at heart and this movie fits the bill perfectly. Plus, it’s not JUST a Christmas movie, which I really like. And I can never get enough of Fred Astaire’s dancing or Bing Crosby’s singing.

4.)    Why did you choose this book for the holiday bash OR why did you write this book?

I think I can answer both parts of your question at once. I wrote this book because of my mother. I get my love for the winter solstice from her. She and I are both springtime people, and when I was growing up she always made some note of the winter solstice. Nothing big, but she’d mention it, and it’s still something we share. The Christmas season is a time of joy, and the winter solstice is a time of hope. The two just fit together.

Thanks for being my guest, Michelle. I have to confess: I love the winter solstice too, because I know we're heading back into the upswing--and I do love those long, warm days of summer.

Here's a little more about Winter Solstice:

Assignment from hell or love of a lifetime?

Becky Gray thought her new job in the Public Relations Office of Buncombe County Hospital would be easy, but her first assignment takes her onto the front lines of the Emergency Room. Assigned to follow sexy Dr. John Grant whose reputation as a womanizer is only matched by his skill as a physician, Becky is caught up in a whirlwind of emotion and drama. Can she find safety in the arms of a man she should despise?

Explicit sex and some graphic descriptions

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!

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