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Friday, December 16, 2011

Guest author Stephanie Beck

Today I I'm a guest blogger for author Rebecca Rose, and I also welcome author Stephanie Beck, author of A Winter Tale With Marshmallows,(I love that title, by the way) one among many contemporary romances featured in the Lyrical Press Christmas Bash, 30% off now through Christmas.

Here's my interview with Stephanie:

1.)    What is your all-time best Christmas memory?

My favorite memory is waking up Christmas morning the year our daughter was born. It was the first Christmas in our house and our daughter was four months old. She didn’t give a hoot about the gifts, but it was a very special time for us.

2.)    As an adult, what is your favorite part of December?

The abundance of Christmas cookies makes me very happy in December. I love that no matter where you go, treats will be out because it is the thing to do. Some aren’t the best, but I don’t mind. I enjoy the near constant sugar high I maintain from the first until after New Years.

3.)    Favorite Christmas movie, and why?

I like Elf. It’s got a sweet story line and while I can watch it with my kids, it has adult humor as well. Oh and the music. I love the music in the movie.

4.)    Why did you write this book?

I adore writing holiday stories. Plotting around a holiday is like introducing another character because a certain feel and personality come along with it. A Winter Tale With Marshmallows combines the paranormal aspect with werewolves, but also so many winter and Christmastime activities that are so special to so many people. It’s one of those stories that makes me smile as soon as I pick it up and I’m happy to share it.

Thanks, Stephanie. Christmases do get even more special once our little ones come along! Here's a bit about A Winter Tale With Marshmallows:

No winter night is complete without marshmallows.

Pregnant and on the run, Mona Renalds is a werewolf with trouble nipping at her heals. She wants a new life for herself and the twins she’s carrying. Embracing the future can’t happen until she finds an alpha male strong enough to take on her former pack leader.

Chris Meyters is alpha of Haven Pack. Mild mannered and progressive, he tries to reverse the archaic methods of his pack’s previous leaders. When Mona comes into his diner requesting sanctuary, his primitive instinct to claim her nearly consumes him, but he fights himself to give her the choices she was denied in her former pack.

Surrounded by the Pennsylvania winter of snow, sledding parties and creamy cups of hot chocolate, Chris and Mona are prepared to do whatever it takes in order to maintain the domestic bliss they’ve found with each other.

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!

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