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Friday, December 23, 2011

Guest author Sutton Fox

Today is an Awesome day (note the capital A). My good friend and fellow author Sutton Fox is with us, as a fellow member of the Lyrical Press Christmas Bash Crew. Her contemporary romance, Center Ring (think fast cars, hot guys, romance, and danger, and you've got her series pegged) is one of the 15 books featured at 30% off now through the big day, Christmas.

Here's our holiday-themed interview:

1.)    What is your all-time best Christmas memory?

My favorite memory is a new one, and I cherish it more because it was so hard to come by. Being the child of a single parent who struggled with alcoholism and mood disorders made certain my childhood holidays were anything but warm and fuzzy. It took years and a long painful personal journey to realize for my own health I had to let go of people who hurt me, and build a new family, not of blood, but made of those who loved me and wanted the best for me.

Last Christmas was the first one spent in my very own home. I invited members of my new family, and they traveled from near and far to attend. I did all the things we all do for holiday guests. I cleaned like a madwoman. Cooked for days. Ate too much, played games, did a gift exchange, woke up early and shared coffee with those nearest and dearest. Pretty much had an ordinary Christmas. And it was simply, wonderful.

2.)    As an adult, what is your favorite part of December?

My favorite part of December is New Year’s Eve. The hustle and bustle is over, the carnage of Christmas all cleared away. The house is clean, quiet, and ready to welcome a new year alive with possibilities. Every year I’m excited by it.

3.)    Favorite Christmas movie, and why?

Scrooged. It’s over the top, a wild exaggeration, yet very funny, and at times poignant. I love to laugh. And I have a particular fondness for the ghost of Christmas future.

4.)    Why did you choose this book for the holiday bash?

This book actually contains holiday scenes, Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s the primary reason it was chosen. It's book two of the Traveling Circus series, and it contains familiar themes about the importance family plays in a person’s life. Whether or not that family is related by blood or by choice, and I’ve come to realize through my writing that family dynamics are significant and have lasting effects. Love, or the lack of it, has the power to change people.

Thanks, Sutton. I think that last sentence of yours is probably the deepest, truest thing I've heard or read in months. Couldn't agree more!

Here's a bit more about Center Ring:

Can missing family ties replace murder as a common bond?

Bereft of family as a child, Julia Cameron finally has everything she's ever wanted. Her billion dollar racing empire and FASPRO team in line for their first championship seems the trophy in the center ring. But, her enviable life came at the price of her adopted parent's lives, and now Julia has also inherited the responsibility of her teenage twin brothers.

Roane Jameson, the new head of FASPRO security, is determined to solve the Cameron case, and fast. Desperate to keep this job to pay his child support, he needs to create a glowing reputation to conceal his shadowy past. He's willing to do whatever it takes. How hard can it be when he's only got one suspect?

Have a merry day.

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!

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Sutton Fox said...

Thanks for having me today, Piper. And most of all, thanks for being such an awesome friend.

Wishing everyone the best of holidays, and much success in the new year!