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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Guest author Lori Green

My guest today is Lori Green, author of Sugar B's Back in Town, a contemporary romance featured in Lyrical's Christmas Bash 2011 (along with 14 other books), on sale for 30% of now through Christmas.

Here's my interview with Lori:

1.)    What is your all-time best Christmas memory?

Growing up Jewish, we were always a little different since we never had a Christmas tree or celebrated Christmas at all. But our family traditions were wonderful from eating latkes with applesauce and playing Hanukkah songs and dancing like crazy people.

2.)    As an adult, what is your favorite part of December?

I love being a parent during this season. My daughter and I always make a gingerbread house so Santa can be charmed. We bake fresh cookies for him too and place reindeer nibbles out on the balcony. We also decorate the house with Christmas and Hanukkah decorations and it’s all so great!

3.)    Favorite Christmas movie, and why?

A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim. When he wakes up and it’s Christmas morning, his joy always makes me laugh and get teary eyed.

4.)    Why did you choose this book for the holiday bash OR why did you write this book?

Sugar B’s Back in Town is a story about a woman who finds her own personal redemption in family, community and connection. It’s what the holidays are all about. Pettiness can be put aside and all the old hurts have a chance to be forgotten as the spirit of giving enters our life.

I love that Sugar begins as a broken woman but she finds herself and her worth. I’d hope that for anybody who feels lost, the holiday offers a sense of community in which to find themselves.

Thanks, Lori. Seeing the fun kids have with Christmas makes it so much more fun for us as adults, I think. And I grew up without celebrating Christmas, too... but sure love all the decorations and traditions now!

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!


Lori said...

Thank you so much for having me here Pipers.

Carolyn said...

Sugar is such a great book, I'm glad to see it getting some attention. An inspiring story, told with humor and although not Christmas themed, Lori's right, it does have that spirit of giving and forgiveness.

Happy Holidays, y'all.